OPTOS DAYTONA Wellness Retina WideField Imaging

RDR Optometry is committed to investing in new technologies to enhance the patient experience. As such we have acquired the latest in cutting-edge retinal imaging technology – the OPTOS DAYTONA WideField Retina Camera. One may find the same or similar technology in an Ophthalmology specialized Retina Clinic.

The imaging capability of the MIT-engineered, precision OPTOS DAYTONA is simply astounding. Using 2 simultaneous scanning lasers, up to 200 degrees of Retina can be scanned and imaged in less than 5 seconds! The resulting wide-field picture represents a panoramic image of a majority of the retina including the macula, optic nerve, and blood vessels. The sophisticated imbedded software allows for a quick and simplified screening of approximately 80% of the Retina without the side-effects and time-consuming aspects of a routine dilation, and can help identify structural and/or pathological anomalies in the imaged areas. An additional game-changing capability is the ability to identify current metabolically stressed zones in the Retina using AutoFluorescence, this special photographic technology accurately detects progressing atrophy as well as identifies zones already damaged. The results are in real-time so critical decisions about eye health, in-house pathology monitoring, or specialty referrals can be made immediately.

Who benefit’s from the OPTOS DAYTONA Wellness Retina WideField Imaging? RDR Optometry is proactive in preventive eyecare and we have invested in such technology so that ANYBODY can benefit from an OPTOS Retina wellness screening, much like having an X-Ray at the Dentist office to image anomalies that would otherwise not be seen. Specifically, those that would MOST benefit would be or have:

  • High Myopia (highly nearsighted) – screen for myopic retina degeneration and defects that can lead to a Retina Detachment.
  • Elevated eye pressure, Glaucoma or Family History of Glaucoma -baseline photo documentation of the Optic Nerve for future analysis of Optic Nerve changes.
  • Macular Degeneration or Family History of Macular Degeneration – AutoFluorescence is CRITICAL in detecting currently damaged areas, or areas of potential progression.
  • Diabetes or Family History of Diabetes – screening for vascular changes including hemorrhages, exudation, and neovascularization.
  • Hypertension or Family History of Hypertension and/or High Cholesterol – screening for vascular changes including hemorrhages, exudation, and vascular occlusion.
  • Taking Plaquenil or Tamoxifen – screening for toxicity of the Macula (Plaquenil) or vascular occlusion (Tamoxifen).
  • Cancer or Family History of Cancer – most tumors present in the Reitna are of systemic origin, secondary to metastatis from the Breast, Bone, or Lung. Photographic screening of the Retina can identify anomalous areas of interest that can lead to the eventual diagnosis of an ocular tumor.
  • Anybody who wants the peace-of-mind a wide field photograph can provide about the eye’s health.

Pricing for the OPTOS DAYTONA Wellness Retina WideField Imaging is an extra $20 total for both eyes when performed with a routine comprehensive eye exam or when performed with a Problem Focused Exam.

Disclaimer: A dilated Retina exam is the standard of care for the most thorough Retina evaluation as nearly 100% of the Retina can be viewed. The OPTOS DAYTONA Retina Wellness WideField Imaging can view up to 80% of the Retina and is considered an optimal proxy for a dilated Retina exam when a dilation is temporarily inconvenient, when an active Retina Detachment is not suspected, or when a quick side-effect free Retina screening is desired.

Exam Procedures and Pricing

Routine Eye Exam

  • with prescription for Glasses: $79
  • with prescription for Glasses …and Soft Spherical Contact Lenses: $114
  • and Rigid Gas Permeable or Soft Toric (for Astigmatism) Contact Lenses: $124
  • and Soft MultiFocal, Custom Soft Toric or Custom Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses: $134

Problem Focused Exam for Red/Pink Eye: $33-$75 pending severity and frequency of follow-ups

OPTOS DAYTONA Wellness Retina WideField Imaging

  • with Routine Eye Exam: Not a covered procedure by in-network VSP plans or Spectera. If substituting for a covered Dilation Add $19 + CoPay for VSP; Add $9 + CoPay for Spectera
  • with Problem Focused Exam: add $20 + Problem Focused Exam Fee
  • Eye Dilation: Add $15 to any of the above services
  • with Problem Focused Exam: add $35 + Problem Focused Exam Fee

Prescription Re-Checks beyond the 60-Day Service Guarantee (see Policy for details)

  • Between 2 months and 6 months from ORIGINAL exam date: $35 for Glasses, $55-$75 for Contacts
  • Beyond 6 months from the ORIGINAL exam date: FULL PRICE for Routine Exam for Glasses or Contacts